Always persuing the best

  • Balux, UAB quality policy objectives:
    * use only modern vehicles and advanced management solutions in order to provide the highest quality services.
    * analyze and respond to customer needs and expectations while maintaining and improving the quality of services provided.
    * implement IT in order to increase efficiency.
    * inform employees about changes of requirements in legislation.
    * timely identify potential hazards, to be able to assess and manage all risks.
    * continuously develop the quality management system in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.
    * encourage employees initiative, motivation and consciousness while maintaining a high quality of services provided.
    * ensure systematic employees training opportunities and resources.

  • JSC Balux employees do their best to meet organization's quality management system and seeks for quality objectives.

    Quality objectives are systematically monitored and adjusted in order to continue meeting all needs of the organization, pharmaceutical transportations and our clients.

    Quality policy (in Lithuanian)

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